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Mobile On-Site Fuel Delivery

Mobile Refueling

Mobile Refueling 24/7

Whether you are a local company with a small fleet or a national company with many locations, United Refueling can help improve your companies efficiency. Were available 24/7 to help serve our customers around the clock. Confidence in a reliable fuel supplier is critical given the average fleet spends between 30 and 40 % of its maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) budget on fuel.

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Job-Site Refueling

Job-site Refueling

Skid fuel tanks are very handy if you are a contractor on a jobsite or a landscaper with a small fleet of trucks. Fuel tanks are available with a 110 volt pump and meter or a 12 Volt system for remote areas when 110 power is not available. Tank sizes range from 275 gallons to 2000 gallon tanks.

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Generator Fueling

Generator Fueling 24/7

In mission critical situations, the facilities manager needs to depend on an emergency generator to keep things running. With our Emergency Generator Fueling Program, We guarantee fuel deliveries to keep your generator operating until the power is restored, regardless of how long the outage lasts.

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Bulk Fuel Delivery

Bulk Fuel Delivery Service Nationwide

We offer bulk fuel service throughout our home state of Texas and deliver bulk fuel across the U.S. 24/7. Contact United Refueling today.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF Fluid) | United Refueling

United Refueling is your Partner for all Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) needs. We offer Direct Delivery, 2.5 Gallon DEF Jugs, 55 Gallon DEF Drums, 275 & 330 Gallon DEF Totes,Bulk DEF Tanks

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Refrigerated Trailer Fuel

Reefer Trailer Fuel Service 24/7

Refrigerated Trailer Fuel
Whether you are using a rented reefer trailer for food cold storage, or using a refrigerated truck for your seasonal florist business, United Refueling understands how important this is and that your cold storage reefer cannot run dry of fuel.

Call United Refueling today and we will ensure your refrigerated stays running and full of fuel.

Get a quote today. 

Diesel Fuel Delivery Near Me

Diesel Fuel Delivery Near Me

Service Locations for Mobile Refueling

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Tank Rental

(550 Gal) Fuel Storage Tank - Single Wall

Capacity: 550 Gallons Single Wall Rating: UL 142 Color: White

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1000 Gal Fuel Storage Tank - Double Wall

Capacity: 1000 Gallons Double Wall Rating: UL 142 Color: White

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Totes

DEF Tote 330 Gallon


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF Fluid) 330 Gallon Tote

Please call for pricing and current specials. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is Available in Dallas Fort Worth for pick-up or place your order by calling 972-954-3799. Delivery is available nationwide. Order online 24/7.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Drums

DEF Drum 55 Gallon

DEF Drum 55 Gallon

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is Available in Dallas Fort Worth for pick-up or place your order by calling 972-954-3799. Delivery is available nationwide. Order online 24/7. Please call us for pricing and current specials.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Jugs

DEF Jugs 2.5 Gal

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF Fluid) 2.5 Gal Jugs

Available for delivery nationwide. Please call 972-954-3799 or order online using our online ordering form. Thank you.


Fuel Storage Tank Rental

Fuel Storage Tank Rental | 500 Gallon | 1000 Gallon | and Up

Are you looking for a fuel storage tank for your job-site or a stationary tank at your facility? Contact us, we can help. Choose as a Rental only tank or we can include the fuel tank when paired with fuel service.

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Mobile On-Site Fuel Delivery Service Available in over 90% of the U.S. -United Refueling Has You Covered.

Order Fuel or Get Info: 972-954-3799
Nationwide Coverage Ph: 888-688-FUEL (3835)

Texas - Statewide | Always Open 24/7 
Dallas/Fort Worth Office 
Office Hours: 7:30a - 8:00p  M-F 
Denton | Corinth  
Office Hours: 7:30a - 8:00p  M-F 
Office Hours: 7:30a - 8:00p  M-F 
Office Hours: 7:30a - 8:00p  M-F 
San Antonio
Office Hours: 7:30a - 6:00p  M-F 
East Texas - Tyler 
Office Hours 8:00a - 6:00p
West Texas - Midland Odessa
Office Hours 8:00a - 6:00p

Order Fuel or Get Info: 972-954-3799
24 Hour Dispatch & Support/Emergency Fuel - Ph: 972-834-4683

South Carolina
(Sales & Service Location)
4609 SC-72, 
Greenwood, SC 29649
Ph: 888-688-FUEL
24 Hour Dispatch & Emergency Fuel Service - Ph: 888-688-3835
Toll-Free Number and phone for Service in Nationwide- Ph: 888-688-FUEL (3835)



United Refueling Launches Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Product Line - Nationwide

United Refueling Launches Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Product Line - Nationwide

Jan 2, 2019 Dallas, Texas - United Refueling is now Offering a Full-Line of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Products which can be delivered anywhere in the U.S.

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United Refueling Aquires 58 Additional Fuel Tanks into Dallas Fort Worth Market

United Refueling Aquires 58 Additional Fuel Tanks into Dallas Fort Worth Market

United Refueling is adding 50 five hundred gallon fuel storage tanks and 8 one thousand gallon tanks

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United Adds 30,000 Gallons of Fuel Supply To New Plano TX Location

United Adds 30,000 Gallons of Fuel Supply To New Plano TX Location

United Refueling has secured three large bulk fuel storage tanks that hold just shy of 30,000 gallons as back-up diesel supply

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United Refueling Introduces 4 Hour Turn-Around on Fuel Service

United Refueling Introduces 4 Hour Turn-Around on Fuel Service

United Refueling is now delivering fuel to generators in 4 hours or less from call-in or online orders.

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United Refueling Partners with Equipment Finance Company

United Refueling Partners with Equipment Finance Company

United Refueling LLC has partnered with a leading equipment finance to help our customers needing equipment.

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Our Story

Our Story

We believe that our people are the key components to a successful business. We also believed that if our people were passionate and involved, that we could change the fuel distribution process for the better. 

1.  Offer Better Over-All Service.

2. Faster Fuel Delivery.

3. Use Leading Technology that was Open-Ended for Adaptability.

4. Hire great people.

-Whats more, We wanted to create a sustainable company culture. 

We Believe:

We treat our customers, employees, and suppliers with a high level of respect and recognize that everyone involved must share the success of this organization. The entire staff is dedicated to the principles of our company and the relationships we establish with our customers.

We will always Provide genuine quality fuel products & services, industry leading customer service, and consistent delivery of fuel services at market competitive prices. Our core principles have always been to provide our customer base with a sound alternative to retail fuel solutions and overly high margin fuel suppliers/vendors. Long-Lasting partnerships are key to our growth and company survival.

We believe in getting the job done on-time and as promised.


Brian Warner


Judy Murphey

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Champoux

Exec Vice President

Tim Taylor

Director of Operations

By the Numbers


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Quote Form

United Refueling Quote Form

Contact United Refueling Today

Please fill out the form and let us know how we can help you. If you need immediate assistance please call our main line at 972-954-3799 or if After Regular Business hours please call 972-834-4683. Messages are responded to within 1 hour or less of your Voicemail

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Credit App PDF

You Have Two Options to Apply for Credit Terms. 1. Online Application 2. Download PDF and Return by Fax or Email

Credit Application

Please Download Credit Application and return by email or fax. Thank You.

Customer Forms

TX Dyed End-User

Form Needed to Supply Tax-Free Fuel/Dyed Fuel

Credit Card Auth Form - Online Submission

Submit your credit card authorization form online for fuel purchases. PDF is also available.

Credit Card Auth Form Print/Send Back

Credit Card Authorization Form For Both One-Time and Reoccuring Invoices

ACH Form

Eliminate the Hassle of Sending a Check

TX End-User Applic.

Apply Here to Purchase Dyed or Marked Fuel

Construction Job-Site Fuel Form

Job-site Form Used to Locate Job-site and Streamline the Delivery Process

United Refueling Credit App PDF

Apply for Terms with United Refueling

Credit Card Auth Online

United Refueling LLC Online Credit Card Authorization Form

Please complete all fields required. You will receive an auto response confirming your credit card submission. Thank you.

Customer Name and Billing Information

Credit Card Information

Cardholder - Please Enter your Name and Date

By clicking submit you are authorizing United Refueling LLC to Charge the amount on the Invoice (or future gallons/pre-fuel purchases if applicable) You agree to pay for purchase(s) in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement Under Section Labeled "Cardholder Please Enter Name and date" You Agree By typing your name in the text field "Print Name" that is defined as signature and equal to for online purposes in the event the card processed results in a dispute in an effort to not pay for services and goods provided. United Refueling LLC Term conditions apply to credit card form completed online.

Wholesale Fuel Distribution

Dyed Diesel Wholesale Fuel Distributor

Dyed Diesel

United Refueling is licensed to supply and deliver Dyed Diesel aka (off-road diesel or non-road diesel)

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On-Road Diesel

The name says it all. This is used in your running tanks and is also referred to as clear diesel.

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F.A.Q. - Fuel Products

We get these questions every day so we thought we better address these more common inquires online

Do I need to set up an account to purchase fuel from United Refueling?

NO account needed to purchase fuel!  We created this option to help get business in need of fuel now who cannot wait for a credit team to review and set-up terms. We open a quick response cash account and issue a temporary account number to secure the fuel ordered and attach a credit card or ACH for a payment method.  When the gallons have been delivered and sent back electronically to our dispatch team, we then complete the sale and finalize the transaction and send an emailed or faxed receipt as proof of delivery and line item details relating to the fuel service. This program has been a great success and has helped many businesses reduce downtime. 

What Fuel Products do you Carry ?

We supply and deliver both On-Road Diesel as well as Off-Road Diesel. We also deliver Unleaded Fuel (87) and Premium Unleaded upon Request and Availability. We also offer Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF Fluid) at industry leading rates and our DEF can be Delivered or Customer can option for pick up if a call-in is placed to one of our local offices. We will have it in receiving upon arrival for Pick-Up. Call-in Customers, Please allow 20-25 minutes for our team to package and seal your order of DEF Fluid. DEF is available in 2.5 gallon jugs, Drums (55 Gal), or 330 Gallon Tote. 275 Gallons Totes are available but must be ordered in advance (2-3 day delivery time needed for 275 gal totes)  And YES! All  UNITED REFUELING DEF PRODUCTS ARE CERTIFIED and meet DOT REG. 

Can I buy Dyed Diesel (tax free diesel) without a Texas End User Number?

This is a Hard No. However, you can apply online via a link on our forms page that will guide you to obtaining a TX end user number and once the number post on the end-user search tab, at that point we can supply you with the Dyed Diesel. No TX End User Number and we by law unable to help you with Dyed Diesel. On-Road is the Diesel you can purchase now or anytime.  

What are you hours of operation?

24/7/365. Were always ready to deliver fuel to our customers. Check local facility hours relating to customer pick-ups on DEF Fluid. 

If I need a Fuel Storage Tank, does United Refueling offer Equipment for rent or Sale?

Yes we do. We provide fuel storage tanks with service or without.
Fuel Storage Tank Sizes We Offer:
  • 550 Gallon  
  • 1000 Gallon
  • 2000 Gallon 
  • All Available for Immediate Delivery
Each fuel tank we offer was intended to meet most city codes nationwide. Equally important, all UL Rated and available with Containment Box.
Fuel Storage Tanks and Equipment Options:
  • Loaned with Fuel Delivery
  • Rented without Fuel Service 
  • Purchased (Tank only, or Complete Set-Up with Fittings and Pumping Equipment)

Emergency Fuel Delivery

Effected by the Storm and Need Service? please Call 972-954-3799 or Text 972-834-4683 or Email and a United Refueling Rep will contact you within 1 hour of call. SAME DAY EMERGENCY FUEL SERVICE READY AND AVAILABLE Nationwide Coverage to better service your Company.

Same Day Fuel Service Offered in Texas:

Dallas - (972) 954-3799

Houston - (888) 688-FUEL

Austin - (888) 688-FUEL

San Antonio - (888) 688-FUEL

Fort Worth - (888) 688-FUEL

East Texas - (888) 688-FUEL

West Texas - (888) 688-FUEL

National Service Dispatch Line - 

972-954-3799 24/7