We get these questions every day so we thought we better address these more common inquires online

What Fuel Products do you Carry ?

We supply and deliver both On-Road Diesel as well as Off-Road Diesel. We also deliver Unleaded Fuel (87) and Premium Unleaded upon Request and Availability. We also offer Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF Fluid) at industry leading rates and our DEF can be Delivered or Customer can option for pick up if a call-in is placed to one of our local offices. We will have it in receiving upon arrival for Pick-Up. Call-in Customers, Please allow 20-25 minutes for our team to package and seal your order of DEF Fluid. DEF is available in 2.5 gallon jugs, Drums (55 Gal), or 330 Gallon Tote. 275 Gallons Totes are available but must be ordered in advance (2-3 day delivery time needed for 275 gal totes)  And YES! All  UNITED REFUELING DEF PRODUCTS ARE CERTIFIED and meet DOT REG. 

Do I need to set up an account to purchase fuel from United Refueling?

NO account needed to purchase fuel!  We created this option to help get business in need of fuel now who cannot wait for a credit team to review and set-up terms. We open a quick response cash account and issue a temporary account number to secure the fuel ordered and attach a credit card or ACH for a payment method.  When the gallons have been delivered and sent back electronically to our dispatch team, we then complete the sale and finalize the transaction and send an emailed or faxed receipt as proof of delivery and line item details relating to the fuel service. This program has been a great success and has helped many businesses reduce downtime. 

What are you hours of operation?

24/7/365. Were always ready to deliver fuel to our customers. Check local facility hours relating to customer pick-ups on DEF Fluid. 

Can I buy Dyed Diesel (tax free diesel) without a Texas End User Number?

This is a Hard No. However, you can apply online via a link on our forms page that will guide you to obtaining a TX end user number and once the number post on the end-user search tab, at that point we can supply you with the Dyed Diesel. No TX End User Number and we by law unable to help you with Dyed Diesel. On-Road is the Diesel you can purchase now or anytime.  

If I need a Fuel Storage Tank, does United Refueling offer Equipment for rent or Sale?

Yes we do. We provide fuel storage tanks with service or without.
Fuel Storage Tank Sizes We Offer:
  • 550 Gallon  
  • 1000 Gallon
  • 2000 Gallon 
  • All Available for Immediate Delivery
Each fuel tank we offer was intended to meet most city codes nationwide. Equally important, all UL Rated and available with Containment Box.
Fuel Storage Tanks and Equipment Options:
  • Loaned with Fuel Delivery
  • Rented without Fuel Service 
  • Purchased (Tank only, or Complete Set-Up with Fittings and Pumping Equipment)