On-Site Fuel Service

Why Switch to Onsite Fuel Service? 

  • Driver time savings – you’re paying your driver to fuel your vehicles, not deliver your products. If it takes 15 minutes per vehicle and your driver’s loaded cost is $25/hr, you paid $6.25 on top of your fuel cost.  You paid an extra $.31/gal on top of the pump/rack price.
  • Mileage – the loaded cost per mile averages $2.50-3.00/mile (vehicle, labor, fuel, etc.).  If you drive an extra 3 miles to fuel you vehicle, you paid $9 in transportation costs.   You paid an extra $.45/gal in transportation costs.
  • Environmental – if you use an on-site storage tank and have your drivers fuel at your facility, you now have the environmental liability of the storage tank.  Additionally, if your drivers spill while fueling then you have the environmental reporting responsibility and have to ensure your drivers know what to do for HazMat.
  • Better fuel control– fuel is an expensive commodity. Drivers can pump into their own vehicles/containers, not turn in fueling receipts or report inaccurately to improve their metrics like miles per gallon. Taking the driver out of the equation reduces theft and improves accuracy.
  • Fuel price management – as specialists in fueling and fuel management, on-site fueling companies can leverage purchasing, pricing and hedging across multiple customers to provide savings and price predictability.
  • Tax savings – for equipment or vehicles that stay in your yard, you can eliminate road taxes by getting detailed fueling reports on a per asset basis.  This is especially helpful in areas like refineries or food distribution (refrigerated trailers) where there may be a large number of vehicles or trailers that never go on the road.

If you have a vehicle fleet that returns to the yard on a daily basis, you’re a good candidate for on-site fueling. 

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